Civil Lawyers

Civil Lawyers

Divorce is a legal battle where in one enters either out of circumstances or his / her sheer will. Divorce battle can turn out to be a really dirty battle in the court of law but with the best Divorce Lawyers available with us, this battle can be win easily. Whether the Divorce is contested or non- contested (Mutual Divorce) it revolves around your personal life, and a wrong choice of lawyer would cost you loosing precious years of your life which will never come back. We at Expertily have handpicked best Divorce Lawyers to help you in winning this battle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Civil Law work in India?

    Courts are there to settle the disputes between individuals and to declare and establish their rights regarding the matters in dispute. So whenever individuals fail to resolve a dispute among themselves, then they can approach the Court by filing a Civil Suit. A Civil Suit can be filed in number of scenarios, to name them few are, suits related to property disputes, recovery of money, matrimonial and family disputes

  • When do I need a Civil Lawyer?

    Hiring a Civil Lawyer is unavoidable when it comes to Civil Suit. When you’re served with a notice related to matrimonial and family disputes like divorce, child custody, maintenance etc, when you need to file a suit for property against someone or someone else has filed a property suit against you, when you need to file a suit for recovery against someone or someone else has filed a recovery suit against you need a Civil Lawyer to defend yourself and consequences of not hiring can be serious. It is a good idea to consult with a Civil lawyer so that they can assess your case and advise you on how to proceed. There can be multiple scenario when the need of hiring a Civil lawyer law may arise

  • Why do I need a Civil Lawyer?

    If you want to secure appropriate orders from the court in appropriate time then hiring a Civil Lawyer is must, following are instances how a Civil Lawyer can help you in different scenarios

    • In case of Property Suit, a Civil Lawyer would help you in getting injunction order on the property, meaning by that the title of the property in dispute will not be changed by means of selling mortgaging or any other means until the dispute is decided by the court
    • In case of Matrimonial Dispute, a Civil Lawyer will help you filing case against your spouse under various sections of law to protect you from mental and physical harassment caused by him
    • A Civil Lawyer will give you the most appropriate advise when it is about separation or child custody
    • A Civil Lawyer will help you getting your money by filing recovery suit

    Although there is no guarantee that the outcome will be favorable to you, it’s a good idea to hire a Civil Lawyer who understands the way courts work. The aid of a lawyer will greatly increase your chances of winning the case

  • How much do I need to pay to the Civil Lawyer?

    In India Civil Lawyers either charge on flat fee basis i.e. a lump-sum amount which will be the total cost of fighting your case or on hearing basis, wherein the lawyer charges you per hearing a fixed amount till the end of the case. The rates will vary depending on the severity of charges and complexity of the case, so be sure to negotiate up front and keep the finance term as clear as possible with your Lawyer.

  • Why should I hire Civil Lawyer from Expertily?
    • Verified Criminal Lawyers - At Expertily we have shortlisted lawyers who are specifically dealing with Civil Law cases. That gives them a little edge above all as they are Civil Law Expert
    • Personally Verified - We have verified each and every lawyer personally by visiting their office multiple times and have made sure that nothing goes wrong with your selection of lawyer