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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Expertily help me find a good Lawyer?

    We have handpicked experienced Lawyers on our website who are there to solve any Legal or Financial queries of the user. We ensure that you get your queries resolved as soon as possible. We also ensure that you get to select good Lawyers based on reviews and rating given to them by clients.

  • What kind of questions can I ask?

    You can ask any legal problem related question which requires a Lawyer's expertise to be answered. Questions about matrimonial, land, civil, criminal to any other Legal issue can be asked. Our Lawyers can tackle every question which comes under the ambit of Law. Don't worry, your personal details will not be disclosed anywhere on the website, and will kept anonymous.

  • How can I book a Consultation?

    If you require a detailed opinion from the desired Lawyer, you can pay us and easily book a consultation via Phone/Email/Video Conferencing/Personal meeting. Don't worry our consultation charges starts from as low as Rs. 500/-

    Choose from the below billing methods
    • Credit/Debit Card
    • Bank Deposit
  • Is my payment secured?

    Yes, when you book a consultation through us with the desired Lawyer, we make sure that you get what you have paid for. We make sure that the selected lawyer is available at the time slot chosen by you.

  • Who will answer my query?

    Only qualified and verified lawyers with expertise in your issue will answer your query.

  • How will I get in touch with the Lawyers?

    Free Service - You can post your question on the website and then the Lawyer specializing in your issue will answer your query

    Paid Service - If you wish to go for Paid Consultation with any Lawyer, you can have such consultation through Phone Call / Email / Video Conferencing or Personal Meeting

  • What happens after booking the consultation with the Lawyer?

    Once you book an appointment for consultation with the desired Lawyer, a time slot will be given to you during which your consultation will take place. Mode of consultation depends on you whether you have opted for Telephonic/Email/Video Conference or Personal Meeting consultation.

    Phone and Video Consultations will be 15-20 minutes long and Personal meeting will be 45 minutes to 1 hour long. After the consultation if you are convinced with the advice given by the Lawyer then you can handover your case to him/her. You will have to pay any fees agreed between you directly to the Lawyer.

    Once you've chosen an Lawyer, we will talk to the Lawyer and arrange to meet them as soon as possible.

  • What about confidentiality of my query?

    We completely understand that confidentiality is very important in Legal & Financial matters. Your name, email addresses, and other personal details will be kept strictly confidential by us, and no one on the website will be able to see them.

    However, do note that the queries that you post on Expertily will always will be visible to all the users and Experts (Your contact and identity info will be hidden). Therefore, consider the sensitivity of your query and its confidentiality and make sure that when you submit your Legal or Financial query, to not mention any name (including your own name), as well as any other specific details that would allow someone to find out who you are.

    Ask yourself whether an acquaintance would be able to tell from your case description who you are talking about. We will also help you (confidentially of course), when you post your case to make sure it's ok.

  • How do I describe my problem?

    You just need to type out your problem in a simple language without going into the technicality of it. Provide important details information so that the Expert can easily evaluate your query and can answer the same easily. Make sure you do not include identifiable details about your case. This will help us in keeping your identity disclosed.

    Don't Worry- we are there for you always!

    In case if you are not able to put your query across and if you have included too much personal details in the query, our team will help you in rectifying the same

  • How much does Expertily cost?

    Expertily doesn't charges you at all, when you are asking a Free Question. If you go for Paid Service, we only charges you the basic fees for connecting you with the desired Lawyers or Chartered Accountants, which helps us in covering our administration and operational costs.

    After availing the Paid Service, If you feel confident enough with the Lawyer or Chartered Accountant then you will have to pay directly to the expert for their services at the rates you have agreed.

  • Do I actually have a Legal/Financial problem, query or case?

    It is a very subjective issue, one has to go through facts of the case to see whether it requires Professional Expertise or not. Don't Worry we are there for you always!

    In case you are not sure whether you have a Legal/Financial query or case, Get In Touch with our team and we will guide you accordingly.