Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Lawyers

Divorce is a legal battle where in one enters either out of circumstances or his / her sheer will. Divorce battle can turn out to be a really dirty battle in the court of law but with the best Divorce Lawyers available with us, this battle can be win easily. Whether the Divorce is contested or non- contested (Mutual Divorce) it revolves around your personal life, and a wrong choice of lawyer would cost you loosing precious years of your life which will never come back. We at Expertily have handpicked best Divorce Lawyers to help you in winning this battle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Criminal Law work in India?

    Any crime committed is crime against the state (India). The most prominent acts used in dealing with Criminal Law are Indian Penal Code,1872 , Criminal Procedure Code,1973 , & Indian Evidence Act,1872. There are other acts also which talks about different types crimes and its punishment with respect to specific offences, but the acts mentioned above governs almost all the aspects relating to crime in our country. While Indian Penal Code describes what exactly is crime and its punishment, Criminal Procedure Code describes the process through which the criminal laws are enforced whereas Indian Evidence Act contains a set of rules and allied issues governing admissibility of evidence in the Indian courts of law.

  • When do I need a Criminal Lawyer?

    When you’re charged with any crime be it forgery, physical assault, dowry or more serious offences like rape and murder, the consequences can be serious. It is a good idea to consult with a criminal lawyer so that they can assess your case and advise you on how to proceed. There can be multiple scenario when the need of hiring a criminal lawyer law may arise. To name few of them

    • When you have been charged for misdemeanors (Less Serious Offences) like trespass, drinking in public, simple assault, petty theft etc or felonies (More Serious Offences) like kidnapping, rape, murder, robbery etc
    • These are the few scenarios when you need definitely need a Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible to defend yourself.
  • Why do I need a Criminal Lawyer?

    You need a Divorce Lawyer for the following reasons :-

    • A Criminal lawyer would help you in getting bail orders from the court
    • He will give his best to defend your case and prove your innocence and if that's not possible then lessen the sentence of your punishment
    • If the offence is less serious and compoundable (Resolvable with the consent of both the parties) then he would give his level best to get the offence compounded and settle the matter out of court with the consent of both the parties. That would save your time and money both

    Although there is no guarantee that the outcome will be favorable to you, it’s a good idea to hire a Divorce Lawyer who understands the way courts work. The aid of a lawyer will greatly increase your chances of winning the case.

  • How much do I need to pay to the Criminal Lawyer?

    In India Criminal Lawyers either charge on flat fee basis i.e. a lump-sum amount which will be the total cost of fighting your case or hearing basis, wherein the lawyer charges you per hearing a fixed amount till the end of the case. The rates will vary depending on the severity of charges and complexity of the case, so be sure to negotiate up front and keep the finance term as clear as possible with your Lawyer.

  • Why should I hire Criminal Lawyer from Expertily?
    • Verified Criminal Lawyers - At Expertily we have shortlisted lawyers who are specifically dealing with Law cases. That gives them a little edge above all as they are Criminal Law Expert
    • Personally Verified - We have verified each and every lawyer personally by visiting their office multiple times and have made sure that nothing goes wrong with your selection of lawyer